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Psychology says that there is reason for all behaviour. Physics says that every reaction is caused by previous action. Real life makes us ask “why” but we usually don´t find the answer.

“Thus, Serge Collins was paroled,” said David slowly. “With crucial proof missing, it´s not such a surprise.” Thoughtfully, he watched his right-hand man leisurely sitting in front of him. “But the missing itself is unexpected.”

Jack sighed and shrugged. “It was very simple trap,” he said sounding almost bored. “Those Panthers aren´t simple. I´m not surprised that it didn´t work.”

Boss frowned a bit but nodded. Yes, it was a simple trap. It lacked usual precision of Mafia´s moves. There were many other, more efficient ways how to get rid of a person. But was it what they seriously wanted to do?

“Should I kill him instead?” criminal asked his boss. The answer didn´t come immediately.

“Not yet,” David said finally. Smoothly, he stood up and walked to the window behind his desk. Frowning, he looked out as if watching the city outside. “But it´s time to stop playing,” he continued darkly. “So far, we haven´t been serious. It has to stop.”

Jack silently waited, unblinking glance fixed on his boss.

“I really don´t want to start a war with the police so simply,” admitted David. He didn´t bother to hide tiredness. There was no need to pretend power. The loyalty behind him was undoubted. “We´ll give them the last warning. The last chance to stay aside,” he said firmly, turning back to Jack only to find the later standing inches behind him. “If they refuse, I´ll write they names on the Black List.”

The Ripper coldly smiled. “Shall I take care about it?” he asked, amusement waking up in his voice.

But boss had already made his own plans. “No. You´re going to take care about Collins. Distract him. Make him busy. Do what you find necessary for keeping him occupied.”

Jack´s smile widened and he headed towards the door. “Is that all?”

“Actually, there´s one more thing…” David´s words trailed off but Jack stopped on the spot. “Maybe we´ll have to remind Alexander that working for us isn´t the same as being one of us. He and his ´personal revenge´ are starting to get on my nerves,” added boss almost angrily. “He´ll get a chance to prove being useful. There´s still one thing we need Maria Satou to do.”

For a second, Jack looked really horrible. All his smiles withering. But then he controlled himself and turned back to his boss. “And if he fails?” he asked in best attempt for casual tune.

“Why to employ incompetent people?” boss asked in return.

Jack´s lips twisted in a grin, but it was only weak reflection of his usual wide smile. “I´ll do as you order,” he said quietly, his eyes colder than ice. Knowing that conversation is over, he turned and left.

Crimelord followed him with stern glance, but he was already thinking about something else. There was really something they needed from Maria. And Alexander´s plan was indeed a clever one. Usually, few too faithful policemen wouldn´t be problem either. But.

There was but.

Rene Satou.

* * * * * *

Rene was left alone again, trapped by nothing more than words. The deal worked as well as the iron chains, imprisoning him and weighting him down.

When David left, he took all warmth with him, leaving Rene feeling cold inside. Illusion of kindness didn´t fool him. It might look like he let himself to be manipulated, not struggling against his captor, but it wasn´t real. Yes, he was polite, careful not to make boss angry, but how could he forgot being prisoner? How could he forget the bitter taste of non-freedom?

He was a cop, after all. Far too well he knew how few kidnapped return home alive. Far too well he knew that those who end up in hands of the Mafia never return. Dead nor alive. But still… there was something that made forgetting almost temping. Strange kindness of Mafia´s boss. It would be so simple to forget how dangerous he is. That he´s a murderer.

Rene shivered and kept pacing through room as caged beast. Comfortable prison is still a prison. Nothing could change it. Why didn´t he try to escape? He stopped, falling on cough. Indeed. Why didn´t he try to escape? Why his heart started beating faster every time he felt boss´s eyes on himself? Why? The eternal question…

If only they met in real life. If only David wasn´t a criminal. A heartless Mafioso. If only line of law wasn´t dividing them.

Why couldn´t I met someone like him in normal way? Not knowing who he is? I´d accept any kind of meeting. Anything but this!

I wish I´d have caught him for speed driving. He would have smiled and asked if we can deal other way that by fine. And that question would have thrown me off my legs but I´d have agreed anyways.

If only we met in the shop. I wished we´d argue who buys the last chicken. I wish it was that simple.

But… I can´t forget who he is. He´s my captor. He´s boss of the Mafia. He´s all I´ve ever wished for. How can I think about escaping? Idea of not seeing him ever again makes breathing suddenly so difficult.

I can´t leave. He trapped me in the way no other could use. I´m lost. Or aren´t I?
But, why and if. Three powerful words are whole essence of this chapter (and often, they´re essential also in the real life). Everything is reduced to struggling against but, trying to find out why and wishing for if.
And while main characters are having their own troubles, few hidden motives are discovered. Finally!

By the way: I was asked to bring Alexander back to story, thus this is the first step. Watching secret plotting of Mafia, we´ll meet the wicked lawyer again. And few real Mafiosi as well. Remember woman with the hat?

next chapter:
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Alright. First and foremost I shall begin with an overall assessment. It's a great piece of work! The previous chapters were focused somewhat on plot development in my opinion and this one, on the other hand, employs a great deal of introspection that adds some mystery and though to the story.
Revealing the character's thoughts and inner feelings add detail and insight to a story, and its use is highly exemplified in this chapter. However, do note that excessive use of introspection may backfire as too much of it makes a chapter boring.

Secondly, I enjoy the development of the story in the first half of the chapter. (The second half was mainl introspection as I said earlier) It fuels anticipation and mystery and despite it being a regular conversation, it has a lot of vague details, this you are telling readers something but not revealing the whole picture to them.

Great work! Hope to see more great chapters! (By the way, ignore the vision rating since it has no relation to a text.)
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Carolinel3 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Student Artist
Lookingmforward to the next chapter, didn't find much excitment in this one, but im hoping for somethng great next chapter, looking forward to it!!
scarlette13 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013
This chapter was mainly "prelude" to next events, revealing few hidden motives and so on. Don´t worry, next one will be more dramatic:D
Carolinel3 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Student Artist
Yes!! *fistpump*
Cattarb Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow,hcapter 20! c: amazing that this didn't end yet!! :heart: Poor Rene... What are you thinking Boy ;p? that is self-mental torture!!

Ps-this is a bit stupid to say,but was a far idea on my brain (._.)

What would happen if Jack kidnaps Serge? XD
I mean... that would be pretty tragic and comic XD
scarlette13 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013
Yes! I can´t believe it either. 20 chapters!:dance:

lol. That would be indeed very interesting. Maybe I should Serge visiting Jack soon:P
Cattarb Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
yesh!!! thats a lot ^^ congratz :p

hahaha Jack is a Character I really like ^^ is interesting
Carolinel3 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Student Artist
I know!!
Thats what i was thinking, i am hoping that jack kidnaps sarge, or he does something cute/or manipulative!
Can't wait!!
Cattarb Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
lol XDD
scarlette13 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013
*dies from laughing*
honestly, "cute" isn´t the best word to describe Jack. "manipulattive" fits him better:P
Carolinel3 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Student Artist
I meant, nick is the cute factor and jack is the manipulative!
But yeah jack is so manipulative!!
Eun-su Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013   Digital Artist
yay! Chapter 20! We've gone this far :aww: Yes, Rene, it's time to find a way out! Persuade the boss to let you out ;P somehow.. :eyes: I think it's time for the initial shock to pass and start thinking more smart :eyes: I've pictured you as a lucky guy, so don't you dare to sit there in that room, that you see as 'prison', and do nothing :noes: :stab: *gives a healing kick on the ass*

scarlette13 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013
lol. "persuade boss to let you out...somehow". You have no idea what kinds of "persuading" I imagined behind those words:eyes:

Rene: Roger, madam! I´ll do my best!:salute:
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